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You might not have seen your dad for a while and you may not be spending Father’s Day together. But, during times like this, we all want to let our loved ones know just how much they mean to us.

So this year, we're encouraging the nation to share heartfelt, personal messages to all the dads, stepdads, new dads, grandads and dad-figures out there. Whether it’s letting him know you’ve lived your life by the advice he gave you or that you’ll never forget that time he set fire to the barbecue, we want to make Dad smile with words that might often go unsaid. So even if you can’t be with him this Father’s Day, you can still make his day and #LetDadKnow

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Thoughtful gifts to #LetDadKnow

Whether it’s a cherished memory or one of his famous sayings, we’ve got unique, meaningful gifts that’ll speak to Dad.

A few words can make his day

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And why not write your own letter?

Write a Letter

Yes, these thoughtful gifts say it brilliantly (we'd expect nothing less from the UK's best small creative businesses) but if you want to go one step further this year, why not write your own message to Dad? Here's an example, but it could be anything you want to say:

Dear Dad, I’ve maybe never told you this but I love how you've always made Jeff feel so welcome. You tell us the funniest stories and nobody makes roasties like you do. If it wasn't for you…

What would your version be? What will you let Dad know this Father's Day?