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Luxury reusable Christmas cracker

Reusable Christmas crackers

FOREVER CRACKERS, luxury reusable Christmas crackers. These sustainable beauties are bound to be the star of any festive table.

WE LOVE CRACKERS; they make you smile, nostalgic and festive all in one. However traditional crackers contain a great deal of plastic and non-recyclable waste. After the 25th December, it is estimated that over 40 million Christmas crackers end up in land fill.

Introducing FOREVER CRACKERS, these luxury sustainable crackers are completely guilt-free and designed to last a lifetime. Made from luxury Italian silk and linen they are designed to uplift and bring joy to any festive table. Totally reusable for however many Christmas parties you might have and eliminating any guilt over the excessive paper and plastic waste that comes this time of year.

These stunning and unique creations don’t split open and send gifts flying out but the beauty is in the unwrapping of them, like a giant sweetie.

Founders Lauren Libin and Kelly TownsendSustainable reusable cracker in SnowLuxury reusable crackers
Personalised reusable cracker


FOREVER CRACKERS - Crackers with a Conscience

FOREVER CRACKERS come in different themed patterns with matching beautiful fabric crowns. The classic crackers are left empty for you to fill yourself with whatever you fancy.

You can purchase personalised ones complete with a leather tag embossed with your loved one’s initials and filled ones complete with pre made cocktails or foodie delights.

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