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Brand Story

Perfino natural scent jewellery is the new way to wear scent without putting chemicals on your skin or solvents into the atmosphere

Perfino evolved from a deep respect for the planet, a passion for natural scents, and a trip to the fragrance markets of Cochin. We all want to smell great, but in a way that does right by the planet, helps sustain local artisans and farmers, and is clean and safe for us to use.

So our skilled artisan jewellery designers came up with a design for a natural scent pendant made from 100% solid recycled silver and 18ct gold vermeil.

Inside the pendant sits a lava stone which comes from….lava! These stones are straight from mother earth and are designed, by her, to last forever!

model wearing perfino natural scent pendant with essential oil blend bottlenatural scent jewellery set with 18ct gold vermeil pendant , lava stones and essential oil blendfounder Kim in the garden
three perfino essential oil blends with pendants in silver and gold
Perfino oil blends

How it works

Perfume is evolving

As solvent emissions have now overtaken vehicle emissions as the leading pollutant, and as fragrance contact allergies and intolerance are on the rise, we have found a way to smell great all day long with no spritzing or skin contact.

Simply put a drop of oil onto the lava stone and close the pendant and you will have a wonderful fragrance to enjoy all day long.

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