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We believe in the power of children's imaginations

STORY have created a new product for children which aims to support their creative thinking, and stimulate imaginative play.

They are called ‘Walk-in-Books’, and they provide everything a child needs to create their own imagined worlds & stories. Our first Walk-in-Book is called Adventure to the Woods.

Inside the child size tote bag you'll discover:

a delightful soft toy STORY character,

a mask for your child to wear - to get them into character

a map for the STORY destination

and a set of ten STORY cards.

These special cards provide the beginnings of different stories and different quests to help children develop their stories further. STORY is innovative because it works as a complete storytelling kit for children.

The STORY cards provide children with a safe and encouraging framework for their imagination to take flight. It introduces the structures of storytelling through play and exploration.

STORY doll. She came first and the rest of the idea followed

Our Awards

We are Award winning too!

When we first launched STORY's Walk-in-Books as an idea, we were asked to submit it to Santander for one of their Entrepreneur awards in association with Brighton University. We were absolutely delighted to win the Most Innovative product award in 2014.

Since then we were also given an award by the University of the Arts London during their Creative Enterprise week in 2014.

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  • "Unlike regular books, she was part of a story that was all her own! And the best bit? It didn't have to end!"
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    Naomi Reilly

  • "I bought this for my granddaughter and was really impressed with the quality and design. We love it!"
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    Kaye Crittell

  • "Re-telling a story in your own words is an important precursor to learning to read so this is such a valuable tool!"
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    Susie Hall

  • "A lovely way of opening up your child's imagination."
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Press Comments

"This is a wonderful resource that can be used to spark the creative mind or a mind that needs a catalyst to get it going"
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Mar 2017

Juno magazine

"Taps directly into one of the most fascinating technologies of all: a child’s brain and its capacity for invention."
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Mar 2015


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