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Fresh Fruit & Root Infusions

Welcome to the Infusion Revolution. Our infusions are made of fresh fruits, roots and leaves, so they are packed full zingy flavours & natural goodness. RAWR!

Why Fresh?

Because it beats ‘dried’ for taste, colour and benefits! When was the last time you had powered milk or dehyrdated egg? So why dried tea?! We chop and grate, crush and mash fresh fruits and roots, so each cup really does taste as good as it smells!

Founder Story

I have always been vocal about how disappointing fruit teas taste. I had tried fresh infusions on my travels, from a soul-warming honey, lemon and ginger tea served in the cafés of Calcutta to a mighty mint tea in the markets of Morocco. Here in the UK there was simply no alternative to the bland, beige and boring dried fruit teabag. When my wife asked if we could recreate these amazing flavours and natural goodness in our kitchen, the penny dropped – and so TEA REX was born!

TEA REX’s bio-plastic tubes are made from sugarcane, not fossil fuels. This means they are made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable. Brew every cup with our reusable infuser, cafetière or tea strainer for a sustainable infusion. Happy Days!

Andrew Walker / Founder & Inventor

Fruit TeaKing of Kick - Turmeric & Black Pepper InfusionReusable Infuser

Award Winning Infusions

Finally, a fruit infusion that tastes as good as it smells! Winner of 6 Great Taste Awards... 100's of 5* reviews!

Infusions benefits:

- Powerful Reals Flavours.. that pack a real punch!

- Natural Daily Support... for body and mind!

- Caffeine-Free*... healthy hydration!

- No Sugar Added... not even a pinch!

- Made in Great Britain...proudly so!

- Good for Gut Health... and super tasty!


“Real Fruit Flavour”

I’m not a normally a tea or coffee drinker so TEA REX has totally nailed it for me. Real fruit flavour, fresh, zingy and tastes like actual fruit rather than dried leaves.

"Tastes as good as it smells”

Just tried this and it was delicious with a really lemony aroma and SO MUCH better than dried fruit tea. Would def recommend.

* Earl Grey Blend naturally caffeinated

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  • "Wow! The black pepper in this adds a nice warmth, but doesn't overpower the other fantastic flavours. This makes an ideal gift for a dinner party or the like."
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    Oliver Hunter Smart

  • "Absolutely delicious, very refreshing and tasty, will definitely be buying more??????"
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    K R Wright

  • "These teas are fresh and zingy with a fantastic depth of flavour - a cut above the usual dried fruit bags and a great way to start the day! "
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    Jack W

  • "I really enjoyed all three flavours, they’re all really yummy. They’re so easy to make — a really great concept, saving the fuss of chopping everything"
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