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A delicious organic drink fermented with ginger, lemons and figs. Naturally sparkling, vegan and low sugar, with 55 billion live cultures for a healthy gut.

We have long been fascinated with fermentation and its powerful benefits, as well as its strong cultural foundations, dating back thousands of years. We set out to create the ultimate ancient modern drink with invigorating benefits to share with the world. Agua De Madre is a low-alcohol water kefir and is brewed in small batches by skilled Madres and Padres in London.

A dedication to the communities that mothers have built around the world throughout history, the name comes from the ‘mother’ culture used in the fermentation process. Our mission is to encourage madres to shine in all forms, nurturing our guts and our communities along the way.

Discover the Madre culture.

Agua de Madre OriginalNicola Hart & Remedio Naturale 250g
Hackney, London

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a delicious fermented drink!

Our water kefir is craft-brewed in small batches by Madres and Padres in Hackney, London. We start with a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts), to which we add organic lemon, ginger and fruit extracts. We end up with a delicious, unfiltered, live-in-bottle drink that's probiotic and effervescent as champagne! As a result of our unique fermentation process, every 100ml of Agua contains a staggering 55 billion live cultures.

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  • "'My package arrived this morning and I had to email you to say having had my first taste, I am speechless... I thought my water kefir was good but I'm not sure I can even call it water kefir after tasting Agua De Madre. It is sublime. I've never tasted anything quite like it. It's truly bliss in a bottle. Thank you!'"
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  • "'Agua De Madre water kefir is like champagne for the gut'"
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    Eve K

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"'It's neither too sweet nor too sharp - the perfect drink.' - Anna Maxted"
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Aug 2020

"'There is a new ultimate in feel-good drinks with bubbles, and this time it's not from the Champagne region.'"
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Dec 2017


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