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Dylan Bell

“Always original, always handmade, my mind breaks everything into a series of block-layered colours”.

My current work predominately uses a variety of over-printing techniques with stencil blocked spray-paint as a base. I use images of well-known locations, vintage collages, and graphically hand cut pieces to create varied edition works. These small batch paint/print multiples are individually titled, embossed, editioned and signed.

I enjoy focusing on the graphic geometries of images, their registry points, and look at all compositions as a series of colour blocks. Collating, and playing around with, old postcards, pictures of iconic landmarks, pop culture imagery, graphic street art, and typography usually give me a starting reference point to build upon.

The printmaking process has been a satisfying rediscovery of my interest layer, and blocked colour. The steps involved in planning and executing these pieces have been great fun, and I’m looking forward to developing my ideas further through larger format works, exhibitions and leaning back toward mark making with paint.

Dylan in the spray studioDylan Bell CloseupDylan Bell in Studio
The King
The King of Clubs

How it's made

The Process

I really enjoy the process, it's what gets me up in the morning, the idea that I can productively make and do all day long.

Generate an idea, research imagery, collate pictures, create a composition, expose the screen, reproduce some layers, cut the stencils, spray through the apertures, over-print the pieces, sign, title, and emboss them, package, and distribute.. repeat.

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