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Bring your emotions to life

An award winning, unique happy game of emotions for families, children and adults. Encourages children to understand their emotions in a new, imaginative way.

The first of its kind, Block Happy brings your real emotions to the gameplay, so when you play it, you’ll feel it!

Sparking face to face fun and laughter for families, children, teens & adults, at home or on the go, you'll feel a rainbow of emotion, colour and character. The first player to find and keep hold of all the happiness wins.

Containing 75 unique emotion characters, each a work of art, it’s easy to learn and quick to set up. The game creates endless hours of fun, with many positive benefits from playing it.

Enabling children to see their emotions in an different, creative way, it develops emotional intelligence, increases happiness levels, empathy and recognises the power of positive emotions.

A game of strategy and excitement, where you’ll laugh over who’s controlling who, turn negatives into positives in seconds, and enjoy never knowing who will win until the last minute.

From the success of the game, I’ve created other Block Happy products for children to enjoy.

Child playing with Block Happy cardsBlock Happy Play Happy Feel Happy Woman holding PictureBlock Happy Special Edition Game with confetti and decorations
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My Story

Award winning UK happy design company

Hi, I’m Sam, a brand designer, illustrator, and mum of 2, living in London.

In 2020, I turned my creative daydream into a reality, and invented, designed and illustrated my first board game based around the idea of emotional intelligence and happiness.

Block Happy was created because I noticed how too much screen time can effect the social-emotional connection with family fun time. Physical, face to face fun, together is so important to our well being, whatever your age.

So with that in mind, I wanted to build a brand that empowers our emotions and is all about the one thing everyone needs more of in life - happiness.

Since the launch, thousands of games have been sent to happy customers in over 50 countries, and it’s also being played in schools around the UK. I’m so proud to have won two awards already, including the ‘Best UK Cross Curriculum Game’.

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Press Comments

"Absolutely love it. Never played anything like it. Such a clever, funny & unique game. A must have for every family. "
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Oct 2020

The Game Cupboard

"Wow! 10/10 family game. You really feel the emotions you play. 75 incredible artworks. Get happiness to your table. "
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Oct 2020


"So original and so fun for adults & kids. You feel what you play. Pokemon meets Minecraft with emotion. Art is amazing."
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Nov 2020

Geek Dad

"A beautiful game every parent should own. Highly recommend this. It teaches children about dealing with their emotions."
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Nov 2020

Married Meeples


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