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I started my own human family with the birth of my scrumptious son, Morgan, (if you’re a parent you’ll know that children are truly, truly scrumptious).

I’ve watched him grow and develop – through all the tears and smiles and everything in between into a perfectly perfect child of seven years old (so far!). Those years before us have been wonderful, but our family was not quite complete, we needed to expand, to give our love to others and that is when our cute cat Winston came into our lives, for years we continued as a kick-bottom trio.

Though, we still had more room in our hearts, we decided to buy a puppy. Except when it came to our Reginald, it didn’t all quite go to plan, as an eight-week old puppy Reginald picked us as his humans, he allowed us to take him into our home. The next day, Reginald was barely responsive, we rushed to the vets and he nearly lost his life. This awful intestinal disease called Parvovirus had taken hold of his tiny little body, but against all odds, we nursed him back to full health and he made a great recovery.

Myself, Kirsty & Reginald.Myself, Kirsty & Reginald on a woodland walkBest Selling Product
Meet Reginald.

And then what?

Well, our love for Reginald (Winston wasn’t so keen to begin with!) has grown and flourished beyond explanation. The next six months ran without a hitch, but unfortunately in this world, bad things happen sometimes. Reginald got attacked, we nearly lost him again. Now, Reggie is the luckiest pooch around and he pulled through and make another miraculous recovery both physically and mentally. But, the scary realisation that one day he won’t be around, loomed over me. I couldn’t push the thought that I could have lost him.

Sadly, at some point our greatest loves will have to leave us and nobody knows when that will be and they cannot be replaced. I vowed on that day to give him the best life he could have. All of the walks, all of the love and of course, all of the treats and toys I could find. Of course, I couldn't just leave our Winnie out of that! And why stop there? Every dog and cat should get to have unconditional love, treats and toys too, that’s what Boop & Floof are about!

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  • "The boxes from Boop and Floof are amazing. Bought one for my friends new dog and they love it. The toys are really good quality and his dog loved the treats. Thank you so much for such an incredible gift idea"
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  • "The items inside are really good quality and when I went to buy more I realised how much they normally retail at. Would definitely recommend. Looking forward to my next box!"
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  • "Indy loves the toys! The treats are really varied, and it's meant Indy's been able to try lots of things we wouldn't normally have bought. Everyone should get a box to treat their boop or floof!!"
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  • "I purchased the box for my grandparents dog and alls I can say is OSCAR LOVED IT! The treats are super quirky, the toys are amazing, supper happy."
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