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We keep homes, and our planet, full of play and free of clutter.

Hi I'm Kate, Founder of Borrow and Nest children's toy rental.

Borrow and Nest make mindful parenting easy with a more sustainable solution to playrooms full of unloved toys. Our rental subscription enables families to borrow and swap from a curated collection of beautiful wooden toys by award-winning designers like MinMin Copenhagen, Wee Gallery, and Bezisa, without contributing to plastic-waste.

With children, parents and our planet in mind, we keep homes full of play and free of clutter. We know how quickly children can accumulate, and then lose interest in or outgrow last week's favourite toy. Then there's trying to find somewhere to store it. With our subscription children can play with toys until they no longer have a place in their home, and then swap them with ones that do.

Hand chosen to spark imagination and open-ended play; our toys are preloved but create brand new memories wherever they go.

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