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Not your parent's wine club.

BWC sell premium wines, but in cans - no need for an underground cellar or fancy wine fridge. Just great wines, ready to drink at a moment’s notice.

First established in 2017, BWC is a wine-tasting club that got way out of hand. It started in a Brixton flat when friends would get together every few weeks for an extremely casual wine tasting. Together we swirled - taking care not to spill any wine. We sniffed - sometimes smelling some very interesting things. And we tasted - mostly “…grapes?” No spittoons and no raised pinky fingers.

Today, Brixton Wine Club sells premium canned wines alongside tasting notebooks so you can learn whilst you taste.

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Louisa before meeting Prince Charles

About our founder

Brixton Wine Club was founded in and is run by me - Louisa! I understand the world of wine can seem quite overwhelming. Don't know your St Laurent from your Sauvignon Blanc? That's fine. We can learn together!

Since launching as a canned wine subscription business, Brixton Wine Club has been listed as 'best wine club' by Stylist, Red Magazine and the Evening Standard. We've also given a box to Prince Charles so we're *basically* approved by royalty.

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  • "I LOVE Brixton Wine Club! It's the perfect gift for folks who drink and personally I also love having cans in the house as they offer so much more flexibility than a bottle. Couldn't recommend more highly!"
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  • "A huge diverse Wine collection in eco packaging straight to your door. I had a wine tasting online with a group of pals and it was so much fun! 10/10 would recommend to a friend buying from BWC!"
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  • "BWC has opened my eyes to wine on the go as well as trying new wines. Great personal service and cool looking cans. Also make great gifts. Thanks BWC."
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  • "Loved everything about the subscription, something to look forward to every month. Such care and attention has gone into the selection process and was never disappointed by the package. A member for life!"
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Press Comments

"If you’re looking for a way to support local businesses this year, it’s time to stop the search."
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Oct 2021

"They describe the vibe as “no spittoons, no pinky fingers in the air” and just having fun with it, swirling, sniffing and glugging as they go. "
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Mar 2021

"Brixton Wine Club is all about wine without the snobbery. Selling a range of sparkling, red, rosé and white in a can, this is a great choice for everyday."
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Feb 2021

"Although the container is controversial, many of the canned wines offered are award-winning and are all lined to avoid the metallic- taste myth."
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Feb 2021


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