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Couple holding up stitch passport covers in light grey and grey leather

About Us

Stitchable accessories born from the idea to 'Sew Where You Go'

I'm Em and the founder of Chasing Threads. Our collection was inspired by a love of travel and life-long obsession with crafting and customisation!

After stitching a paper road map from a special road trip across the USA, I got obsessed with the idea of stitching travels and using thread to show a journey. I created our first product - the Stitch Passport Cover - back in 2016, after many prototypes in cross-stitch fabric, I developed a sample made out of specially perforated leather that could be stitched and personalised. It looked amazing and I took it on all my trips! From there I developed a matching Stitch your own Luggage Tag before taking the leap to quit my job and launch the company!

We've continued to develop stitchable products and have a large range of joyful, thoughtful, kits of possibility. All with the ethos that 'You Can Sew Your Own Way' (sung to the tune of Fleetwood Mac if you wish..!).

While we craft everything to last - we also make it easy for you to craft your own personality into each item. Tell your story and get creative. We love to encourage people to pick up a needle and thread, and even beginners to stitching can create a treasured yet practical accessory.

Maybe your passport cover will start with a few speckles of thread and over the years the map becomes filled with embroidered crosses. As you get more confident with stitching, you could take on a bigger project, like covering your wallet or jewellery wrap with initials, patterns or icons inspired by your trips.

Our products are special because of the stories that become a part of them. We want to make sure your treasured accessories survive for a life-time - designed to evolve as you carry on chasing threads...

Stitch travel wallet in pink leather with 1 heart New York stitched by Chasing ThreadsEm Royston founder of Chasing Threads stitching a stitch passport cover in pink leatherStitch Your Star Sign clutch bag with zodiac sign and stars stitched in gold and green thread
Chasing Threads passport covers in real leather material in pink brown and navy

Our Materials

For our core collection we use responsibly-sourced cow leather which is a split grain. This means it is created from the fibrous part of the hide which is very durable but can still be perforated successfully, making it easy to stitch through without difficulty. Our range of colours is achieved using a coating of pigment, which gives the leather a luxe quality and is still soft to the touch. We are proud of the quality and customers are always delighted by the feel and look of our materials.

We believe in offering consumer choice, so have introduced vegan options for most of our range, made from a high quality PU. We are always on the lookout for exciting sustainable materials, and as soon as they are commercially viable we would love to experiment with other vegan alternatives, such as cactus leather. Watch this space!

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Press Comments

"A stylish alternative to scratching countries off your bucket list with a ballpoint, this perforated leather passport cover allows crafty travelers to embroider a record of their travels."
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Nov 2020

"Unique chic. This envelope pocket can be used as either as a pencil or glasses case and allows you to stitch on any unique design. Whether you stitch initials, a message, or the sunglasses template included, it opens out for easy stitching. "
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Jun 2020

Cross Stitcher Magazine

"Learn a new skill, make a lovely thing"
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Apr 2020


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