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Why Five Bees Yard?

This is story of our family - a 3rd generation of beekeepers where we share passion for bees and tradition of candle making.

Ok, so since Five Bees Yard was formally called into life, we have a new addition to our family. So it's more of 6 bees now. A few tens more hives and much more flying bees around. But apart from that, not much change in our philosophy of slow life and modern homestead. As a 3rd generation of beekeepers we like to share a story (or two) of how bees were managed back in 1950s. But in the same time we make sure the knowledge and passion for candle making is being passed down on to new generations in our family.

Passion for bees and candle making was always central to our activities. Candle making is not our job. It's a way of life. Beeswax candles are in every corner of our homestead. Not only because they are healthy and the only truly sustainable wax on the planet. But they just bring life to our house. They have different shapes, different colours, different scents. All naturally linked to seasons. Candles do have souls. And they can really bring that something special feeling into each house. And this is what we create in our handmade products.

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Beeswax is beeswax right?

Errr, not really. It's one of those dilemmas - how much beeswax is in beeswax.

In candle making, we use only raw beeswax that is extracted from hives. You may ask what's that - raw beeswax. Beeswax is beeswax right? Well, not really. There is raw beeswax which is a natural product made by bees and extracted from hives. And there is a commercial grade of beeswax, made in factories where raw beeswax makes up only 20% wish of a final product - synthetic beeswax. Our candles are safe, pure and have a positive effect on our mind and soul. They emit sun-like light, are used as antidepressants and emit negative ions cleansing air. These are basic benefits of raw beeswax. No colourants, no chemicals, no additives. Just pure power of nature.

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  • "Have tried many other bees wax tea lights and have been disappointed by their poor burning quality. Five bees burn brilliantly- glad to have finally found them and will only buy these from now on."
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  • "Amazing candle and smells wonderful, which lasts even when no longer alight. Fantastic that it’s natural and contains/gives off no nasty chemicals"
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  • "So happy to find you. Gorgeous candles, wrapped beautifully and handmade to order. They burn really well and love the fact you can have the choice of unscented/scented. Would defiantly buy again."
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  • "I have been searching for good quality beeswax candles for a while now and am delighted to have found Five Bees Yard. The smell of the candles is just wonderful and they burn really well. I won’t be buying from anywhere else!"
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All orders placed between now and end of August will be dispatched at the beginning of September as we are on family holiday. Thanks for your understanding.

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