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Born in Ibiza, Hitchhiking around the World

In the summer of 2019, somewhere in Ibiza, the magical island of the Balearics, Frenchman Guillaume Laout decided it was time to translate his love of artisan print techniques into a luxury lifestyle brand that evoked the hippy ideal, but with an edge. French William was born.

The brand’s first concept, Life in Pyjamas, is in its 4th collection. The philosophy is to use sustainable fabrics and artisanal skills to make cosy funky pyjamas to wear anywhere and at any time, not just to bed. Why not live life in pyjamas?

In the true spirit of Ibiza, where people from all over the world immigrate to, the label has a global outlook and takes inspiration from cultures and communities all over the world. The latest collection contains block prints nodding to cubism and abstract geometric forms.

Commenting on his inspiration, Guillaume said: “The catalyst for creating my light, comfortable pyjamas was my lifestyle in Ibiza - my home for 12 years - and the bohemian dreaminess of the island. The style has a silliness mixed with street; love mixed with a sense of mischief. Well, what could be more mischievous than wearing your pyjamas outside? With French William I have distilled my spirit, my culture, my style, and my sense of humour into a summer elegance that can easily transfer from the bedroom to the restaurant, to the bar, to the beach or wherever you want.”

The PJs are a mix of vibrant, colourful, and playful patterns consisting of wavy stripes, flowers, cartoon clouds, and slivers of waves. Made of the finest organic cotton, to be worn with the coolest sneakers, the most boho of sandals, or barefoot, French William pyjama sets come in 3 different sizes (1,2,3) and start at £90, with individual tops and bottoms priced at £45 each.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to employ artisanal skills to make cosy funky pyjamas to wear anywhere. We love the idea of living in pyjamas.

Social impact plays a great part of French William’s efforts as they strive to make as conscious and ethical products as they can. With a focus on craftsmanship, all of their garments are produced by artisans from vulnerable communities in India.

Guillaume commented: “I wanted to showcase the skills of artisan communities from less privileged countries in the world and create employment opportunities for these people who really deserve it.” The pyjamas’ style is naturally “oversized” to make for a comfy fit, designed for fun and not formality - easy to wear by day and comfortable enough to sleep in at night. They are the perfect wardrobe solution for any occasion, from dusk til dawn til dusk again.

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