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The International Elf Service and the International Fairy Service bring magical personalised letters to make the magic of childhood last longer!

About Me

Personalised Letters ... With A Difference. Helping the Magic Of Childhood Last Longer.

I'm Emily, and I'm based in London. My own love of books fuels my desire to inspire children to read, to get them asking questions, and to leave as much up to their imaginations as possible!

I launched the two brands having started out writing magical Christmas letters for my three young children to find around the house, all lovingly hand-drawn before being covered with splodges and smudges! Since then, my now well established business boasts a direct hotline to Father Christmas' Workshop!

The Tooth Fairy Letters came next - written by a Super Cool gang of five fairies (boys and girls) who wear leather jackets, travel with jet packs and live in a world of Dragons, Mystery Gardens, Magical Potion Fairies, an Explosives Department, moving doorways, Secret Underground Passageways, hummingbirds, Magical Tree Bark & Time Travel …

The letters are printed on to luxury recycled paper, with hand-drawn illustrations for the Elf letters, and digital 'hand-stamps' on the Fairy letters.

Emily Beckloff is the Founder of the International Elf Service and the International Fairy Service, which specialises in magical personalised letters.Personalised Christmas Letters bringing the latest news from Father Christmas' Workshop.  A lovely family tradition for the whole family to enjoy.Unconventional personalised Tooth Fairy letters from super cool Tooth Fairies.  They live in a world of well-meaning dragons, Mystery Gardens...

My Philosophy

We all need a bit of magic in our lives.

These letters aim to be a fun newsy adventure style, and not focus on behaviour, the child(ren)’s life, or what presents the children are going to get! I’ve worked very hard to make them different to conventional Christmas Letters and I hope you as a family enjoy them!

The paper I've chosen for each product also reflects the letters: The elves write on gorgeous thick paper that crumples in such a lovely way. It's perfect for making that 'handled look' that we would associate with busy Elves.

The Fairy letters are written on beautiful paper with gold and silver gilt in. These letters look so enticing when they're wrapped up parcel style, with a length of golden sparkle twine and a Dew Drop magnifying lens tucked in ... it's enough to make anyone believe in magic!

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I always try very hard to despatch orders placed before 2pm on the same day, but I can't guarantee it. The post always runs slow in the last week of November / first week of December, so if the delivery day is important (even if it's a few days away), please choose the next day guaranteed delivery

All my packages look very boring indeed from the outside - the kids will never suspect, I promise! Depending on what's inside, I use A4 hard-backed brown envelopes, or a plain white pizza style box.

Please do check that everything is correct as soon as you receive your magical package. Thank you!

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