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Woodland Creatures and Geometric Forests

Prism of Starlings is a collection of hand-made, illustrated paper products and ephemera for stationery lovers.

The brand is stylistically defined by a combination of two main elements – ‘prism’, which represents geometry and symmetry, and ‘starlings’, representing the strong animal theme to my designs and their importance to me both as an artist and as an individual. My artwork combines my passion for mathematically precise patternmaking and my love of colourful abstract art.

My illustrations depict animals composed of intricate shapes and patterns, their homes and habitats expressed by a combination of casual brushstroke and meticulous geometry, often using negative space to create shapes and landscapes. My favourite things to illustrate are foxes and woodland animals, dense forests filled with geometric trees, star-studded skies and celestial bodies. Ever since I was a young child, I’ve enjoyed the tactile and poetic process of crafting things from paper, like little houses, sailboats and books.

All my materials are carefully chosen with a strong focus on ethical, environmentally low-impact processes, without compromising on quality or texture, so that you can share and use my products with a clear conscience. Most of the packaging I use is compostable, and the papers I use are all made from recycled fibres. I also make most of my products to order by hand in my workshop, reducing waste and localising production.

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