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Socks gift set for Father's Day

A box of hugs for your feet!

For every pair of socks sold, we give another pair to a homeless person. - Get Dad a father's day gift that gives!

Leiho simply means 'how are you' in Cantonese and sometimes that's all we need to ask someone to show that we care. We are all about encouraging people like you to care for your friends, family, those in need and for our planet.

We aim to inspire simple acts of kindness using the buy one give one model. We promise to match every pair of socks sold to the exact number we give and we will always aim to prove our impact.

Our socks are made with bamboo so not only will you be helping someone in need but you are also helping the planet by choosing bamboo.


Joey Li - One of my biggest goals when I started this was to try and promote positive mental health by encouraging people to do good. We create meaning in our lives through what we do for our loved ones, ourselves and especially for people in need. So, with that being said…I hope Leiho inspires people to connect with one another a little more!

Thuta Khin - I believe that there is room for everyone to make a difference in this world with a simple act of kindness, no matter how big or small. Through Leiho, I hope to inspire people to be creative in the way they give back to their local communities.

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The socks that we distribute to homeless people

Behind the Scenes with Leiho

Did you know that clean socks are the most requested item of clothing at homeless shelters but the least donated?

Most of us put on a new clean pair of socks everyday unfortunately this isn’t an option for homeless people. They walk several miles a day to find food and shelter, so with limited access to laundry facilities, their foot health are at risk.

We met a gentlemen named Tony a year ago. He told us he used to be homeless and that “having a clean pair of socks really benefits your wellbeing and confidence for that day”. Meeting people like Tony is what motivates us to do what we do!

We work closely with homelessness local projects, services and shelters to help distribute these socks to those who need it most. So far, we have donated over 400 pairs since our launch in December 2019 - it might not sound a lot but it’s definitely a good start for us. Join us on this journey to help improve the quality of life for homeless people together.

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    "My nephew loved them, bought for his birthday, bamboo socks so comfortable to wear and these were great quality."
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We absolutely love the fact that we can just slip our socks into your letterbox without you being at home but for larger orders, we may need to send it as a small parcel. If for any reason you are out when delivery is attempted, our couriers will leave it in a safe place or with a neighbour, or will otherwise leave a note for you to rearrange a delivery time.

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