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The Investigate Box by Letterbox Lab, a science kit for children available as a science subscription box.

What is Letterbox Lab?

Everything you need to play with science, straight through your letterbox!

Letterbox Lab is the result of an imaginative reinvention of the children’s science kit to be more convenient, more colourful, more fun and more educational. Our mission is to help people have fun playing with science. We do this by devising and curating awesome science experiments, then flat-packing them and putting them through letterboxes.

Playing with Letterbox Lab, your child will dabble with colour-changing chemistry, paint with light, invent slippery slimes and even launch rockets!

But it’s not enough for our kits to be awesome and fun for kids, we also make them simple and convenient as possible for parents. We don’t want you going to the post office to collect the boxes or going to the shops to buy extra materials, so we fit everything needed to do the experiments into a box that fits through most letterboxes. We also know that children aren’t going to read black and white, text-heavy instruction books, so our instructions are full colour comic-books, supplemented by videos.

Thanks for visiting our page, and happy experimenting.

A child plays with science at a Letterbox Lab event.A child does an experiment from Letterbox Lab's Investigate Box: Marvellous Mixtures. They mix sodium alginate with calcium lactate to make slime.A child holds a test tube from Letterbox Lab.

Our story

Inspired by jungle rockets...

Letterbox Lab was started by Bryan and Mia Hatton, a married couple who met while working together in a children’s science museum. Between them they have four science degrees and nearly 20 years experience of helping people have fun playing with science. Their inspiration for Letterbox Lab came during their nine-month working honeymoon, spent working with organisations across the world to help them engage young people with science. Having built coffee-cup cannons in a Czech fort, musical instruments on a Norwegian farm and rocket balloons in the Malaysian jungle, they’ve picked up a few tricks when it comes to developing awesome science activities.

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  • "This is an excellent Science kit and my 7 year old son absolutely loves it! It makes Science so much fun as it is learning by doing, not just looking at 2D worksheets. As a parent it is easy to be confident when everything is in the box ready to go and there are easy child friendly explanations for all the experiments. Would highly recommend!"
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  • ""We loved the first box! Spent nearly 2 hours playing and T is very keen to repeat the activities and add in his own experiments. Great value too.""
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  • ""It's lots of fun and they wanted to do it all in one go! It was easy to understand and they loved that they could tick off bits in the book.""
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  • "Letterbox Lab is a fantastic educational product. "
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Press Comments

""If your children have a hint of an interest into science, this is a great way to keep it going.""
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Mar 2017

""I certainly don't remember science being this much fun when I was at school.""
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Mar 2017

"These are really excellent kits that really do supply everything needed to get on with the fun."
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Jul 2017

Bath and Wiltshire Parent


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