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For the refined gentleman who wants to look good and smell good. Our products which are 96% natural, free and no artificial fragrances will lift your spirits up

I am super excited to launch my new venture; an all organic, natural , eco-friendly and British men grooming company.

This journey has not been very easy but somewhere I did believe in the power of magic and the universe.

Striving through a pandemic, a lockdown, delays with suppliers and the loss of my father to cancer, I never gave up. The last 8 months have proven to me that there is something called the power of the mind; the power to believe in yourself.

There were times when I could not control my emotions and would break down after a video call to my father in Mauritius. Knowing that he is suffering and will not be with me for long, I at times lost the drive to carry on. But my husband, my business partner and my best friend, Kunal, will lift my spirits up and encouraged me to carry on. He knew the vision behind this business was years of hardwork, gathering knowledge and maintaining a focus. He had the same passion and drive.

We not only wanted to create products that would make men feel good about themselves but also wanted to revolutionise this industry with our eco friendly approach . Our contribution to causing less harm to our planet will eventually lead to a better future for our children in the world they will be growing into.

Our vision is for our customers to truly feel like a gentleman, to boost their confidence and to empower them.

When I reflect back on this journey, it feels as if I am sitting near a riverbank watching the sunrise and enjoying the reflection of the sunrays on the water. This is me - a mother of two, a much loved wife and a daughter whose upbringing was all about caring and respecting each other.

Finally Man Theory will remain a tribute to my father who left us 6 months ago - the Refined gentleman that he was ;on the inside and on the outside .

Main image of my portrait My world in a frame I love travelling and exploring

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  • "This MAN THEORY Beard Oil is a nourishing and hydrating beard oil. A 30 ml bottle you really need very little to use on a beard as it is quite oily. The scent is really lovely, peppermint and patchouli. It aims to restore and revive a gentleman’s beard and the feedback is extremely favourable from the men in the family who sport beards, Vegan, cruelty free, and made in the Uk which is wonderful in itself this is a great product that will make a good Christmas or Bi"
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  • "This is a slightly soft consistency balm, offering a nice conditioning performance and light hold. It's done a good job on my long beard this last week, effectively replacing a few different products I'd been recently using. The hold won't be for everyone. If you need beeswax stiffness from a hard balm then this likely won't do the job. But if you need something to tame stragglers and keep things in good soft condition then it certainly should. One application in the morning lasts the day. "
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  • "This is a really unique scent, the peppermint and patchouli combine nicely to give a fresh, citrusy fragrance that’s a welcome change from the usual beard oil options. Performance-wise it’s fairly loose so very little styling potential, but conditioning is great. A word on the bottle as well - it’s very stylishly presented in a matte-black. "
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