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Love craftsmanship and Nature.

With gardens becoming ever more important to us, Marnie has been developing a collection of long-lasting garden furniture. She uses locally grown oak. for reasons of ecology and longevity and of course its beauty. She has reflected our nations pleasure of nostalgia with original and contemporary designs. The work is sturdy and heavy enough tolerate our elements for many years.

Always inspired and excitable, she is confident that her work will be enjoyed by more than one generation. Creative and original designs by furniture designer Marnie Moyle in West Isley with English grown Oak.

There is always something new coming along...!

Marnie in the workshopGreen Oak Furniture InscriptionsSilver Festival Rain Skirt
Filthy Weather in the rain
Filthy Weather

The commercial side

Filthy Weather

Workshop life created Filthy Weather skirts from Marnie's great dislike of overtrousers. Initially high end, these wrap on 'over-skirts' keep you clean lousier days and a warmer extra layer when in the cold. This product has been adapted to be a great product for festival goers and dog walkers too!

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Marnie is known for her Green Oak Furniture, where she designs products to emphasise the honest nature, texture and spirit of fabulous oak.

As a designer she is also explores other aspects of design and designing.

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