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Sterling silver fidget ring

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We focus on providing the best fidget jewellery for anxiety relief, that can calm, distract, and help to ground the wearer; and look beautiful whilst doing it.

At Mellow Company, our vision is to empower individuals to find serenity amidst the chaos; in a beautiful way.

Anxiety affects us all, ourselves at Mellow included. Mellow Company was born out of an extensive search for the answer to coping with the daily battles with anxiety.

We are still searching for that miracle cure! but we found products along the way that provide some beautiful relief in times when anxiety and stress can be at its worst. We focus on providing the best fidget rings for anxiety relief, that can calm, distract, and help to ground the wearer; and look beautiful whilst doing it.

Our fidget rings feature a unique combination of features that set them apart from conventional jewellery. The rings are equipped with various interactive elements, such as rotating bands, beads and textured surfaces, allowing users to engage in subtle and satisfying fidgeting movements. These subtle actions provide a sensory experience that can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and promote relaxation.

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  • "I have been struggling a lot with my mental health at the moment. Most people who suffer with anxiety will know that simple jobs like going to the supermarket are made almost impossible when your anxiety/depression are taking over. The ring I have from Mellow Anxiety Relief gives my brain something else to focus on to help reduce the stress of the situation. I can't recommend these products enough!"
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  • "I haven't taken mine off since I got it .So I have ordered 2 more for friends/ family. It arrived in a lovely gift box , perfect for a present . "
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  • "Haven’t taken mine off yet and I’ve had it 4 months! Really helps me in stressful times."
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  • "This has been an absolute life changer! I have suffered from bad anxiety for many years now and this has helped me so much! "
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