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Nothing but delicious sips

Mindful Brands

Alcohol Free for wonderful everyday moments

They say that most good ideas are the result of founders “scratching their own itch”, our story is no different.

Mindful Brand was founded in 2020 by Craig Hutchison and Maria Sehlstrom with a vision to enable all adults to be able to enjoy sophisticated drinks with or without alcohol.

It all began with CEDER’S non alcoholic alt-gin launching in 2018 in partnership with Pernod Ricard. It was one of the first non-alcoholic spirits to launch and was later on sold to the drinks company in 2020.

Today Mindful Brands offer a wide range of premium non-alcoholic spirits including CELTIC SOUL non-alcoholic whiskey, MARIE LAVEAU non-alcoholic rum, and SOLDADERA non-alcoholic tequila alternative to allow for all occasions and classic cocktails.

Never again should anyone need to settle for just a soft drink. Welcome to a new era of drinking!

Founded by Craig Hutchison and Maria SehlstromCBD Non alcoholic spiritNon Alcoholic Whiskey alternative
Maria & Craig's Botanical Spirit

How it's made

Nothing but delicious sips

Making non-alcoholic spirits is no easy task but our quest to offer the best spirit alternatives have kept us going. It has taken many iterations to perfect our recipes and a combination of distilling, macerating and extracting ingredients to get to the perfect blends and complementary flavours.

All our spirits are proudly handmade and we source the finest ingredients from all corners of the globe. The results are spirit alternatives that deliver on the flavour and experience of the original, without the alcohol.

All our drinks are vegan, gluten free, low calorie and allergen free

So, whether you are pregnant, driving, cutting back or quitting Mindful Brands have the perfect alternative for your drink.

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  • "If you are looking to drink healthier or simply find that there are times you'd like a drink that tastes like alcohol but is alcohol free, then this is the brand for you. Makes a great rum and cola"
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  • "My tastebuds were pleasantly surprised to feel whiskey taste and spiciness but without alcohol. The alcohol is incredible too"
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  • "Got this for my sister who is pregnant and I'm so glad I did"
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Press Comments

"A booze free take on a G&T with an added dose of zen"
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Jan 2022

The Evening Standard


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