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7 Rainbow Activity Packs

About Us

MindShot aims to help parents + their children carve out an attractive, screen-free space in a fast-paced, digitised world.

Working from a child-first perspective, we create pocket-sized, themed activity packs that offer children 15-30-minute doses of future-facing ideas, creativity, fun, relaxation and confidence-building – A cool creative alternative to screen-time for kids.

MindShots are pocket-sized packs of fun kids’ activities, puzzles and global ideas to stimulate young minds.

MindShots are perfect to pop in a bag and have on hand wherever you are – from school run to staycation, cafe to car journey, hospital to holidays. Instead of handing over the phone, give them a MindShot!

MindShots are devised for children aged 6-9 (though older and younger children can enjoy them, too).

EACH MINDSHOT (7 packs included):

Packs easily into a bag or coat pocket for kids to enjoy when out and about.

Makes a fun screen-break from homeschooling during lockdown.

Contains both easier and more challenging activities in each Shot, so siblings can share.

Ensures kids can choose which activities to do independently and which with a little help.

Promotes calmness and child self-esteem.

MindShot is the first product we have created under the Digital Detox Kids umbrella. Our aim is not to counter technology – it is part of life in many wonderful ways – but to offer healthy breaks from screen-time that inspire, support and expand young minds.

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Nature + Nurture Series

Our Partners

We aim to share any profits we might make with charities, both to do good, and to show children that with their buying choices, they themselves can do good.

Each purchase helps children support the charity Born Free in its work to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

For MindShot Nature + Nature, we have partnered with Born Free. Its mission – to Keep Wildlife in the Wild where possible, to have all animals treated with compassion and respect, and to help wild animals, humans and local ecosystems thrive together – is inspiring, empathetic and forward-thinking, and complements our Nature + Nurture theme. Even the name, Born Free, gladdens the heart, and is how we see all children.

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Terms and Conditions

For our first series, MindShot Nature + Nurture, we produced our card activities using recycled and reyclable paper and natural inks. We could not find a producer to create stickers and tattoos with the eco-credentials we would like, but were able to ensure materials are recyclable. Packaging is interesting. Research showed the paper v plastic argument is far from simple, and that recyclable plastic can have a more favourable carbon and environmental footprint over its lifecycle to paper. We used PET 1 plastic, which is recyclable and energy efficient to make and transport.

Working from home in London, we chose local partners to produce MindShot, walking through the park to meetings. Roche helped enable us to print the cards in England, and Pinnacle ensured we used a best-practice factory in China for stickers and tattoos. As we go forward, we will learn and share more.

All CE testing to ensure and meet safety standards have been met.

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