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Award-winning cooking kits for kids

Award-winning cooking kits

Pairing the creative talents of award-winning designers with the nutritional know-how of accredited chefs; our themed cooking kits teach kids to love veg!

You may not have heard of us. We’re the new kids on the block, but don’t let that fool you - we mean business! Just over a year old and Not Just Nibbles has been shortlisted for 5 prestigious awards and won “Best Subscription Box For Kids 2021.”

We’re a small team of dedicated chefs, nutritionists and designers who bring to you the very best recipes and content packaged up in one little box with one goal in mind: to help you get a few more veggies inside your kids.

As the name may suggest, we're not JUST about the cooking. Learn how to grow vegetables inside a carrier bag, the importance of eating seasonally and the fundamentals of nutrition. Learning how to nourish our bodies and cooking from scratch has never been more fun with the help of our cooking kits! We really do make food something to love, and cooking a life-skill to embrace.

Not Just NibblesGetting your kids to eat veg has never been more fun with our vegetable-friendly kits.Have fun in the kitchen with our one-of-a-kind cooking kits for kids
Teach kids how to cook with the help of a vegetarian cooking kits for kids

For a limited time only

We've added our unique 12 page Great Groceries sticker booklet into all of our boxes (usually for subscribers only.)

Our unique booklet is currently up for a "Drum Award" - which is kind of a big deal - as we're up against, ahem.. McDonalds and Heinz! Our Great Groceries booklet focuses on food education which teaches kids about the magic powers of food, why it’s important to eat the rainbow and they'll even collect their first sticker to (hopefully) add to their growing collection.

All of our characters promote inclusivity across the board; from gender and race to disability and equality. But most important of all, our characters teach children about complex nutritional information which is made for them to easily understand. We've designed this booklet to help kids learn about the amazing powers of food and help them fall in love with veg! We like to think of it as their 'food bible'.

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  • "I absolutely love this brand. My 7+9 year old have learnt so much in such a short space of time. They have even made me us a meal from scratch on their own because of what they have learnt from Not Just Nibbles."
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  • "I just think this is absolutely wonderful. There is so much to keep the kids entertained and the recipes are delicious. It really is a fabulous product. I have signed up for another 6 months"
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  • "I quite like the idea of this for me! Great design to keep kids engaged. Ideal way to spend quality time with older children."
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  • "I was looking for an alternative to baking and this just blew our socks off. It is such great value for money. The kids are well engaged and it ticks all of the boxes - something to do with the kids, getting them to eat more vegetables and family time."
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"Such a brilliantly executed idea and fun for the whole family."
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Nov 2020

Style & Substance

"Love this! Who can resist the special brown package of magic spinach seeds to plant and watch grow? "
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Nov 2020

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