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Six bars of colourful soap sit next to each other on a linen fabric background.


Organic. Ethical. Handcrafted. Bathe in the power of botanicals.

Lucy Litchfield has grown out of a lifestyle choice aimed at reducing impacts on the planet into a thriving, environmentally responsible, family business.

Our mission is to create naturally healthy products that nourish your skin and soul whilst supporting regenerative farming practices that are better for the planet. All our products are made with love in the heart of Somerset where Lucy and her husband grew up. Only certified organic or wild-harvested ingredients make it into our products so you can be sure you're being kind to yourself and this beautiful planet.

With Nude Botanicals Lucy wanted to combine her two passions, the meditative benefits of life drawing and the nourishing effects of organic skincare. Through her drawings and her skin care range she hopes to encourage body positivity, self love and love for the natural world.

A woman stands with an armful of comfrey in a garden with shrubs and treesSix different coloured soaps sit together on a oatmeal linen clotha woman peeks out from behind an enamal bowl full of orange and yellow calendula flowers
A women is clasping her hands and smiling at the camera. She sits behind rows of soap and soap labels and in front of a wall of life drawings.

How it all began

A business created out of love and questioning everything, read about Lucy's journey in her own words.

My passion is undoubtedly the health of our planet. When I knew I was going to become a mother in 2010 just as I was losing my mum, I began to question everything that came in to contact with my body. I needed to know if it was good for me, my unborn child and its ultimate effects on the planet.

This led me to begin making my own hygiene products like deodorant and toothpaste as well as cleaning sprays. When I made my first soap using my best friend's goats milk, my family and friends agreed it was the best soap they had ever used.

Further into my journey as a mother, my mental health and self-care came to prominence, and I realised I needed to look after myself, my skin and my mind more than I was. Enter my botanical bath bombs. That 30 minutes to myself in a hot bath surrounded with beautiful organic botanicals and the finest organic essential oils has become my weekly reminder to slow down and take care of me.

Join me, and take care of yourself.

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