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About us

We celebrate the full, chaotic and sometimes challenging lives that people lead. Extraordinary lives. So it’s our mission to provide extraordinary tea to match.

OMGTea is a business with a big beating heart and quality is of paramount importance to us, which is not surprising when considering how the business started.

When OMGTea founder, Katherine Swift's mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2010, she vowed to do everything that she could to help her. She started working with a breast cancer charity that funds world-class research, she spent a lot of time in the research unit and was fascinated to see what was being discovered. She found out about the importance of antioxidants in our diets and the high levels found in green tea. If her mum was going to drink any green tea, it had to be the best, and it was then that Katherine discovered matcha.

They both started drinking matcha and felt great, her mum was taking back some control that her illness robbed her and Katherine was doing something positive to help. She felt so passionate about matcha that five years after her mum’s diagnosis, she launched OMGTea to spread the word about this extraordinary green powder.

A year later, Katherine also founded The Healthy Life Foundation, a charity that funds research into age related diseases, including cancer.

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Highest Quality

OMGTea has great taste awards across our entire range of products and has been awarded the highly coveted Great Taste Producer status by the Guild of Fine Food.

OMGTea comes from the Kagoshima prefecture and our award winning matcha is the pride and joy of our tea farmers.

Kagoshima is on the southern island of Kyûshû, known for its lush vegetation and unspoilt landscape. The warm, humid climate provides the perfect conditions for growing matcha. Kagoshima is a volcanic island and as such has extremely nutrient-rich soils, at least eleven active volcanoes continue to provide the valuable minerals that help these extraordinary tea plants grow.

Such optimum conditions enable the cultivation of the best quality organic matcha and it has been cultivated here for over 800 years.

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  • "Best matcha tea you can buy outside Japan! I have tried nearly every matcha tea you can buy in the UK and eventually discovered this one. The quality and taste is up there and equal to the brand the Japanese Royal family drinks, which I’m lucky to have tried. "
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    Caroline M

  • "Best matcha I've tasted so far! After years of trying to move away from coffee, the deliciousness of this matcha has finally helped me succeed... I no longer wish in any way to drink coffee as I'm so satisfied with how this matcha makes me feel, energised without the jitterbugs that coffee leaves me with. Thank you ??"
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  • "Amazing tea from an amazing company The package arrived on time. And the teas are amazing. I have already highly recommended OMG’s green tea to several friends. The critical part of buying green tea is to trust the company you are buying from and I trust OMG."
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    Anil D

  • "I went into a cafe and - I went into a London cafe and ordered a cup of matcha. I was asked to try two different makes of matcha and to give an opinion. My opinion was that neither came close to the taste and consistency of OMGTea organic matcha and so I have arranged to make them a cup of OMG on my next visit to their cafe."
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    Janie E


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