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Original, Miniature Artwork

Bespoke, 100% hand-painted, acrylic abstract on canvas greeting cards. Perfect for birthdays, weddings or just a nice way to say "thank you".

'Original Miniatures' was started in 2007 by artist and filmmaker Jonathan Brann, who, like so many was searching for work whilst studying at university. With no immediate prospects and rent due he resolved to cut up and mount small pieces of paintings, he had done for his A-Level art class and sell them as greeting cards door-to-door around his neighbourhood.

A magnetic personality and flawless sales pitch can only go so far in convincing someone to hand over money at the door to a complete stranger. Eventually, they ask themselves, “Is this hand-painted greeting card worth it”? The answer for many was, “Yes”.

Since then, the initial 6 ranges have expanded to 80 with more being added all the time. Today, Jonathan still paints every card himself. Over a decade and 30,000+ hand-painted cards later, Original Miniatures now caters to weddings as made-to-order invitations, bespoke stationery to high-end businesses and hotels, gifts items for florists, art galleries, charities, and department stores.

"The card should be cherished just as much as the message inside it or the gift it comes with and deserves to last just as long." - Jonathan Brann

one of 80 hand-painted greeting cards to pick fromfind the best card for any occasion80+ ranges to pick from
An example of a framed 'Original Miniature' greeting card. On display for everyone to enjoy.
Mount, frame and display

Cards to Last a Lifetime

Don't throw away the memories. Preserve the message held within the card by mounting, framing and displaying it for all to see.

Consisting of a small, acrylic on canvas painting, mounted into a white, silk board card blank, each 'Original Miniature' envokes a framed picture on a gallery wall. The card contains a cream coloured page insert and comes with a white square envelope.

Unlike cards with images of pretty landscapes, cute animals or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, each 'Original Miniature' abstract asks the observer the question "what do they see in the image?", but has no right or wrong answer.

As each one is hand-painted, no two (even ones with the same rang) will ever be the same. in short, an original, miniature piece of art. Preserve the message held within the card by mounting, framing and displaying it for all to see.

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