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Real Coffee, Confectionery and Fine Food. 100% natural, handmade by artisans.

Our story began in 1917 in Cyprus when my great grandfather opened a small workshop under his house and started roasting coffee beans. Today, over 103 years later, my family are still roasting fine quality beans in our Nicosia premises providing gourmet Turkish coffee, Espresso and Filter coffee, still keeping to the traditions and using the artisan methods and standards set out by our ancestors.

Made from pure Arabica beans and uniquely roasted and blended, our coffee is ground very fine, finer even than espresso. The coffee is then brewed in a special pot called a cezve (pronounced jez-veh) and served unfiltered in a small cup called a fincan (pronounced fin-jan) – a method that goes back over 500 years.

Özerlat Turkish coffee is a gourmet experience that takes the coffee ritual to new heights. From mastering the brew to savouring the complex aromas and flavours, Özerlat Turkish coffee is all about taking a moment out from the clamour of life to lose yourself in an indulgent coffee experience like no other.

As 4 generation representative in the UK, we took up the challenge to revive an old tradition and set out in 2015 to present Real Turkish coffee experience to UK coffee lovers. With an aim to present the full experience, complete with its traditional accompaniments Turkish delight, we partnered with the oldest confectionery house in Turkey and have developed our Real Turkish delight selection. Following growing demand and great feedback on our products, we’ve expanded our range to include Real Tahin Helva and more recently through partnering with another small family business producer we’ve launched our gorgeous Natural Dried Aydin Figs. As Ozerlat UK, we are committed to work with family business producers sharing our philosophy and ethics, and together produce and provide real, natural and artisan food and drink products that will excite the tastebuds!

Iley Ozerlat-Gunduz,

Ozerlat UK Director

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