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Welcome to Paint-Me-Happy Art. My name is Diyana Senderowski and I am an artist based in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Most of my work is created using acrylic paint on natural canvas and wood. Bringing colour into our lives is very important to me for a very simple reason- it brings happiness and warmth and feeds our souls with joy and beauty. Colour is my goal as well as my inspiration, sometimes just a look at a simple colour combination would make me head for my paintbrushes. It gives me great pleasure and joy to create and I hope that comes across through my paintings.

My favourite subjects are blooms and abstract forms. Blooms for their natural beauty and as a symbol of new beginnings and life; and abstract forms because every painting is so very unique, different, unpredictable, organic and original - a bit like life itself! I have always been drawn to aesthetics and everyday beauty in life; a topic I am never tired to explore... I hope you share my passion!

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