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Stop the clocks, it's amazing

Ever finding yourself wanting to stop time and to take in every little minute and detail? Us too. When our first baby was born throughout a lockdown, every moment seemed precious, from the first time he would meet somebody, to the first outing (albeit a walk!) and we wanted to capture the time in a way that seemed endless. The phrase 'Stop the clocks, it's amazing' features on all of our letters that are from parents, so that you too can capture those moments and as the years go by, you and the recipient can marvel at the thoughts and memories that are put into paragraphs.

A big part of Panda and Pud is enchantment. We bring the magic of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas to life, and those moments where you can feel the magic in the air and the sense of wonder creeps across their face is truly why we do what we do.

Creating a bow for the Christmas Eve letterPanda and Pud workspaceChild reading First Day of School letter
Rag paper used for Christmas letters
Mummy Made Mail

Eco Conscious

Your potato waste makes our paper!

We love to look after our planet, that's why we use products that are made from recycled fibres; which means it's made from 100% post consumer waste (that's potato peelings to you and I)! From our card stock to our envelopes all the way through to our packaging you can trust that we have taken every step to be eco conscious. Our embellishments are pretty fancy too and are either 100% natural, recyclable or biodegradable (and of course, beautiful!).

Choosing recycled products is a positive step towards using the Earth's natural resources and reducing the amount of waste which would otherwise go to landfill. So, if we can turn all of this into a treasured keepsake then that makes us pretty happy.

If you have a letter you would love for us to write, let us know and we will happily create something with you!

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  • "Beautifully written letters and so well presented, couldn't fault anything! I've purchased a few now and will continue to do so! "
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  • "My daughter absolutely adored this letter and nice list, she can't stop looking at it. It's so beautifully handcrafted and never seen anything like it. Really brings the magic of christmas, thank you"
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  • "This is such a beautiful letter. A lovely keepsake to ready when my little boy gets older. Every detail about this is so heart warming "
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  • "My daughter is starting to understand Christmas more and your letter has made her so so excited."
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