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About Us

Premium partyware and novelty gifts for faith-based and cultural celebrations.

Based in Staffordshire, Peacock Supplies is UK's leading designer and manufacturer of faith-based and culturally inspired products covering a diverse range of categories such as:

- party tableware

- decorations

- greeting cards

- stationery

- novelty gifts

- and many more!

We're known as a creative company leading the way forward with innovative products aimed at modern consumers who appreciate good design!


Growing up in the UK during the early 90s, as Muslim children we would get swept up with the build up to Christmas and loved exchanging cards and presents, but when Eid would come around it was just a case of: wake up, get dressed in our nice new clothes and visit family by eating our way through one house to the next!

Now as parents with our own young children, we want our kids to feel more excitement towards Eid and experience that same festive feeling. To decorate the house, exchange gifts and be too excited to go sleep the night before as they just couldn't wait to open their presents on Eid morning.

When we started 6 years ago, there wasn't much available in terms of party tableware and decorations for Eid and the items that were available were poorly designed and of low quality. So that's why we decided to create Peacock Supplies - a company which focuses on a mix of traditional and contemporary design to create beautiful and innovative products.

Our Values

We want to inspire our customers to celebrate their diversity and faith by helping families to create beautiful memories and build a strong feeling of festivity in their homes and lives.

We're committed to bringing amazing products of high quality to our customers and want to promote awareness and tolerance of all multi-cultural celebrations in our society.

Our Core Values:

- Focus on a mix of traditional and contemporary design to create beautiful products.

- Bring innovative products of high quality to our customers.

- Promote awareness and tolerance of multi-cultural celebrations.

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