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Rani Deshpande

Founder and designer

The Plant a Bloomer range is the creation of designer Rani Deshpande. Prior to establishing her design studio Rani worked in graphics, gift design and publishing. In 2004, she created the invitations for her own wedding, and this inspired her to establish Rani Deshpande Unique Creations, a design service offering contemporary personalised invitations and gifts.

For one of her first clients, Rani designed a paper flower embedded with seeds; a memento to give guests at their wedding. Created from a unique seed paper made from recycled materials, when ‘planted’ the flower would break down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings! The plantable flower proved hugely popular and soon became much sought-after as a memorable and environmentally friendly wedding favour.

Rani portrait
Vogue featuring Plantable Robin card
Vogue press feature

Plant a Bloomer

Growing, from the heart

In 2009 Rani launched ‘Plant a Heart’ for Valentine’s Day, the very first design in the Little Bloomers range. Recommended in numerous publications and shortlisted for eco-friendly Gift of the Year, Little Bloomers were an instant hit and continue to be a best-seller today. In 20012 Rani launched Woodland Friends greeting cards, which take their inspiration from forest creatures of the British isles and were recommended in Vogue magazine upon their launch. Rani's latest creation, 'Endangered' is a range of 8 greeting-gifts, featuring animals in danger of extinction, which come with a needle and thread, and can be embroidered.

Rani’s work is inspired by her passion for colour, texture and style. She takes pleasure in working with everyday materials to create unique products that delight and surprise. The Plant a Bloomer range is available via notonthehighstreet and is also stocked by independent gift shops and galleries nationwide.

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  • "I found this card on the website and thought it was very unusual as i haven't seen anything like that before. I bought it for my partner who loves both hedgehogs and his garden. Bonus he absolutely loved it."
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    Independent review

  • "Again, an unusual but great idea for a greetings card. So simple but so different and appealing."
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    Independent review

  • "Fantastic little gift for any occasion. Delivered well in the time frame given would definitely use this company again ."
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  • "My sister who received the paper hearts thought they were fantastic and original for her first wedding anniversary."
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Press Comments

"Escape the guilt that comes with throwing out bags of festive accoutrements each January with these eco-friendly "seeded-paper cards. Simply pot the detachable robin and wait for the sweet williams and moss verbena to bloom."
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Dec 2013


"designer Rani Deshpande works with everyday objects to create surprise and delight. Her plantable seed gifts are a welcome respite after the onslaught of cliched corny tat;‘Valentine’s Day is an excuse to do something special for your loved one/s, which is always a good thing,' says Deshpande. 'However the way it is promoted can be rather predictable and sometimes off-putting.’ "
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Feb 2011

"DON'T buy last minute flowers DO give them an eco-friendly plantable heart "
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Feb 2009

Time Out London

"Top of my list is the ingenious Plant a Bloomer range. .. not only eco-conscious,they give you new life at the same time"
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Sep 2011


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