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Both products with Christmas holly and berries

About Us

We want to bring new and modern flavours to sparkling wine.

We started out with the idea when my brother made an elderflower sparkling wine to a traditional recipe on the Isle of Skye. He had no interest in leaving the island to work on the business as he is happy building boats.

That left me to experiment on the process and recipes, to see what else could be made without grapes. To perfect the recipes, I enlisted the help of Richard who has 30 years experience in wine making.

Between us we have made our first two products, a pure elderflower and an elderflower blush (a blend of elderflower, rhubarb, strawberries and blackberries, all added at the fermentation stage). We currently make them in Hastings, sharing facilities with the award winning English sparkling winemaker, Carr Taylor.

We have been inspired by the Victorian era when Champagne was popularised, where batches were made using ingredients that could be found in the hedgerows to compliment the grapes. We want to take this further, using very different ingredients to create other exciting flavours in the future!

Both new bottles, pure and blushLaunch at Foodies Festival EdinburghBlush bottle with berries

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  • "This drink is perfect! I'm always adding elderflower to my alcoholic drinks and now I don't need to. Will definitely be buying again!"
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    Tessa Keene

Press Comments

"British wine is big. Renegade and Longton’s elderflower sparkling wine is made in the UK and fruity yet balanced."
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Nov 2017

"Swaps grapes for vibrant fruits and flowers to create a fresh and piquant, unique fizz. Like us, you'll be sold from the first sip."
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Dec 2017

"The sparkle in the wines is light and refreshing and makes a great alternative to traditional sparkling wines."
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Dec 2017

"We simply love this beautiful bottle and we'd be tempted to buy this blush for the packaging alone, so it helps that this sparkling wine blends elderflower with blackberries, rhubarb, and strawberries for a really delightful flavour offering too "
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Feb 2018


All bottles are packed with specially designed protective bubble cases making it near impossible for them to be broken in transit.

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