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Romantic table setting revealing The Indulgence Menu

Our Story

Welcome to Rice n Jelly, where we unlock the extraordinary path to reaching heights that are unattainable alone. We call it the power of two.

Our mission with Rice n Jelly is deeply personal. We aim to share the lessons and joys we've discovered through the challenges of long-distance love, in a fun and meaningful way. 'The Indulgence Menu' was brought to life with help of couples around the world.

We understand the profound impact quality time can have on relationships. It's an opportunity to connect, dig deeper and discover shared passions. The honeymoon phase shall continue...

At the heart of Rice n Jelly is our mission—to cultivate a vibrant community of couples who cherish adventure and novelty in their relationships.

We're not just about date nights; we're about building a space where couples can share their stories, exchange ideas, and support each other in the pursuit of love-filled rendezvous.

Founders of Rice n Jelly, Justin and Liz practising the art of indulgenceEver indulging, we take it very seriously ;)The Indulgence Menu

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  • " I was blown away by the ideas and attention to detail! The ideas are truly creative, my GF and I are having a blast scratching these off, 5 down so far! looking forward to the rest of it."
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    Michael H

  • "Great experiential gift! What a unique and inspirational interactive book! Can't wait to get started."
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    Lorrie E

  • " Happy wife happy life This gift really did me a solid. As a guy without a romantic bone in his body, this really helps us out with planning date nights. No longer need to crack my head for ideas. The wife is super excited with this anniversary gift and I couldn't be more pleased."
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  • "These date ideas are totally different! They're suggestive as to how to connect and completely novel, we wouldn't come up with these ourselves for sure! It's helped with sparking up romance and hey not needing to plan anything takes the pressure off completely."
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    Vicky G


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