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Sustainability meets invention through imagination.

Rogue projects has developed into a multidisciplinary collective with environmental awareness is at its core. We bring unconstrained curiosity to every project, weaving together art and science into people-centric designs. Our scientific inquiry empowers us to unlock potential within materials. Founded by designer and engineer Richard Moss, the studio is based in Islington, London. Here we pursue ideas and create elegant modern-day inventions that infuse daily life.

With hearO we understood the thousands of championship tennis balls that are retired each year. We collaborated with cutting specialists in the Boot and Shoe Quarter of Northampton, England, and an electronics innovation lab in Paris. Our iconic wireless speaker threads together tennis, upcycling and product design. The tennis ball sets this speaker apart in a market dominated by metal and plastics, giving hearO its unique look, sound and feel.

Richard founded the studio in 2013. He trained as an engineer and remains passionate about all things ideas, art and design.Projects search from potential within materials.We discover through our process, often making our own tools and exploring multiple prototypes.
hearO bluetooth speaker
Icon of reuse

hearO speaker

hearO is a portable speaker housed in a championship tennis ball.

hearO is a self-initiated studio project, and emerged from a drive to share the potential that exists in materials – both old and new – and create a viable icon of reuse. Each speaker is housed in a championship tennis ball. Each year, hundreds of thousands of championship tennis balls are retired, but hearO saw that these small pieces of tennis history had more to offer. Our task was to design a truly wireless speaker experience that delivered the best possible audio while taking full advantage of the tennis ball ergonomics. The tennis ball is a ready-made protective case, and the skin controls vibration while still allowing for warm, rich sound projection. Sustainability and reinvention were at the heart of hearO’s vision, from our concept sketches all the way to the reusable packaging. hearO cuts each tennis ball in Northampton using our tennis ball specific, purpose-built, cutting press. The product is designed, cut, assembled and packaged in London.

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  • "A must have for anyone that likes gadgets or tennis!"
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    Costa, New York

  • "Best gift for tennis players and Tennis Fans - superb quality!"
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    Chrissy, New York

  • "Perfect for the tennis and music nut! The perfect marriage of tennis and music. Great quality and nostalgic tennis ball!"
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    Rachel, Wisconsin

  • "Simply Awesome. My son is absolutely in Love with his Tennis ball speakers!"
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    Shirley, Virginia

Press Comments

"A lovely piece of design, is eye-catching and functional, a great idea, executed superbly. "
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Dec 2018

"These speakers are baller!"
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Jul 2018

"It takes a different brand of creativity to look at a tennis ball and decide it would make a dashing Bluetooth speaker. "
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Jul 2017

"Wimbledon super fans like Bradley Cooper, Gerry Butler and Sienna Miller likely have this one on their gift list. "
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Dec 2018


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