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Rose & Wül knitted blankets stacked on a table with a cushion propped against the side

About us (well, me!)

Beauty and simplicity personified.

Don't you love it when small businesses refer to themselves as "us" or "we" but really there is no "us" or "we" just "I" and "me"? Well I'm one of those - it's just little old me in my purple dressing gown!

I love to bring your knits alive, giving you the option to add customisable charms from names to initials, zodiac signs to birthstones. You can design a knit which is worthy of pride of place in any room.

After trying my hand at several careers including Personal Training and working in the Prison Service, I often felt that my creative flair was escaping me! When I first began knitting, I would do it for hours and I loved what I could create; I just had a desire to learn more and more and continually improve.

I find the whole process of knitting cathartic, from the preparing the wool to the rhythmic and repetitive movements of knitting itself.

Everyone has “’their thing” - crafting luxurious and bespoke pieces for people to love just as much as I do is mine!


Nadine x

Nadine sitting on the fireplace in her dressing gown with a big ball of woolNadine holding the end of the wool with half knitted blanketA Peppermint Green baby sleeping packaged in a box with a white ribbon tied in a a bow and Rose & Wül Care Card.

How it's made

Merino wool - one of the highest quality wools available!

Most of my creative ideas come to me at that weird stage of sleep when I'm not quite sure whether I'm awake, asleep or dreaming. When this happens and I know for sure I'm awake, I get my wool at my earliest opportunity and begin making the new design.

Admittedly, I'm terrible at writing a lot of my designs down which either means I have complete faith in my memory and knitting ability or I'm just a little silly!

My products are made from unspun Merino wool. Unspun wool is very delicate and pulls apart just like candy floss! To make it strong, I undertake several processes including a combination of water, heat and agitation before I even begin knitting your pieces, all whilst making sure that I keep it soft.

Not only is this wool renowned for being exceptionally soft, it has hypoallergenic properties too, making for a perfect and practical addition to your home décor.

Merino wool is also odour resistant and able to regulate body temperature so it's not just for winter!

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