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When I was little, the world made sense to me when I drew it on paper.

I’d lose hours copying my comics, making buildings and whole towns out of a ream of scrap paper, felt tips, and sellotape. Discarded paper from my mum’s typewriter was pure gold dust, reigning down from the clattery loud machine.

Birthday gifts consisted of pens, pencils, and paper and I treasured them - the exciting feeling of an undisturbed notebook.

A trip to WHSmiths each September for a new school pencil case, rubber, ruler, and pencils was heavenly.

Fast forward a whole number of years and I’m still that young spirit. Excitement sparks still when I reach for a new canvas, sketchbook, or stretch of cartridge paper, that’s never changed.

My training took me to Winchester, then Edinburgh Colleges of Art, it was a long bumpy ride getting going on this marvellous career.

Printmakery with Samantha BarnesSamantha Barnes Artist Samantha Barnes Art studio assistant, Barney
At my printmaking press

Mediums I work in

Drawing, Painting and Printmaking

Drypoint Printmaking is believed to have been invented in Germany in the 15th Century, it is a process that has changed very little today.

It’s an intaglio technique - intaglio refers to any printmaking process which involves making scratches, incisions and indentations on a plate or acetate using a sharp etching needle.

The groove that is left behind on the metal plate is called a ‘Burr’.

Once the ghostly scratch lines (burrs) are finished, ink is then applied and then wiped off.

Ink that remains caught in the incisions, then create the image you see here.

Wiping off the ink is a delicate process much like painting. The artist may decide to leave more ink on one part of the work than other - making creative decisions with each individual inking.

At this point, the inked metal plate is placed face up on a printmaking press.

Dampened paper is placed over the plate and the press is run twice over.

Carefully removing the paper from the plate, reveals an original print.

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