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A feast of words and pictures for kids.

Scoop is a printed monthly magazine for children aged 8+. Launched in September 2016 and created by a London -based team, it boasts some of the biggest names in children’s literature amongst its contributors. Our aim is to enthuse children about the written word in as many ways as possible. It’s not only about books; it’s about all forms of story-telling told by the very best story-tellers.

We offer our readers the opportunity to explore everything from history and science to art and the unexplained through a vibrant range of amazing stories - and on top of that there are comic strips, activities, puzzles and jokes in every issue. Scoop is created for children, and it also in part by children as we run competitions every month centered around themes and ideas covered in the magazine.

We’re only one year old, but already we have published work by Chris Riddell, Neil Gaiman, Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Morpurgo, Raymond Briggs, Joan Aiken and Tom Stoppard.

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  • "No matter how much you know, Scoop always teaches you something new.It opens up a whole new world. "
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    Students, Year 6

  • "Scoop is a delightful artistic informative magazine, one that should be on display in every classroom and library. "
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    Jacqueline Wilson, author

  • "As soon as I started reading Scoop I knew it was going to be amazing. "
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    Georgina Garner, age 10

  • "I think Scoop is really remarkable. I wish we'd had something like this around when I was 8. "
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    Neil Gaiman, author

Press Comments

"if a generation gets hold of Scoop, we lovers of the word truly don’t have anything to fear."
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Aug 2017

Harper's Bazaar

"A transforming experience."
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Nov 2016

William Boyd,The Guardian

"The perfect accompaniment to the beautiful books we see on our shelves"
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Oct 2017

Chris Riddell


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