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Simoons Studio Imperial 66 Typewriter with framed Capricorn constellation woodblock print

About Simoons

A curious collection of handmade personalised gifts.

Based in Brighton UK, Simoons Studio was established in 2016. Initially designing and making constellation based paper products in the form of personalised woodblock prints and cards. The woodblock prints have now migrated their way into light boxes, creating beautifully illuminated night skyscapes.

A compulsive maker and an interest in the curious, including science, nature and astrology, Simoons has a passion for creating gifts that are carefully and affectionately handmade.

This is just the beginning of Simoon's journey and there are lots of ideas for new products lurking in the background waiting to be shared, so watch this space!

The Prints

The woodblock prints and personalisation with the old Imperial 66.

Having always had admiration and love for woodblock prints this was naturally the medium to illustrate the individual constellations. Each of the woodblock prints are hand printed, hand pulled by me. This process ensures the uniqueness of each and every print, no one will be the same.

The tap tapping of my Father's Imperial 66 Typewriter as he writes his short stories and poems in his study is a familiar and comforting sound from my childhood. The beast that is the Imperial 66 has laid dormant amongst Octonauts and stacking cups whilst children and toddlers bash away unsympathetically at its keys. Having endured and survived this ordeal for numerous years The Imperial 66 is back, sitting pride of place in the Simoons Studio. The typewriter is used to add the personalised text on each of the individual prints. The tactile quality of the original type give the prints a lovely vintage feel. 

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