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Our mission is to create the softest and most luxurious bedding on the market.

SoundSleep is your premiere resource for stunning stone-washed duvet covers that will elevate your bedroom and provide a familiar and worn feeling. All of our bedding sets are brand new, but our special stone-washing technique allows them to get that faded vintage look.

We provide only the best stone-washed duvets for your bed. Our bedding sets are made with 100% cotton or linen, and the stone-washing process provides luxuriously soft covers as the result.

Looking for something even more original? Our handmade and also washed bedding sets are dyed using Shibori technique to give you a vast array of colors. Choose bedding styles that are as unique and stylish as you are. Check out our duvets and bedding sets today!

SoundSleep is London based company.

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How we create our bedding

We make our duvet covers from premium material and we submit them to stone-washing, to offer their textile the increased softness & flexibility that takes your relaxation to a new level.

By utilising natural pumice, volcanic stones, we wash our bedding sets until they get slightly faded fabric colors, worn out appearance that makes them look vintage, luxurious and uniquely stylish. This gives each piece of fabric more depth and richness. You end up with comfortable, soft and long-lasting bedding.

Our handmade collections are dyed to unique perfection! We use a number of different techniques to create beautiful handmade designs. To finalize the design, we use etching, hand-painting, ebra, print and various collaborations of techniques. In artistic circles, this is known as the Shibori technique. Our artists work around the clock to create bedding that are not only works of art, but soft and cozy bed sheets.

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