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A-Z Embroidery Sampler

About Stitch-School

Embroidery kits, workshops and community events.

Stitch-School was co-founded in 2017 by Melanie Bowles and Aimee Betts whose aim is to provide professional and inspirational guidance to reconnect to the benefits of embroidery through embroidery kits, workshops and community events around the large communal table embroidery called The Supper Cloth.

Stitch-School's beautifully designed contemporary embroidery kits inspire the study of embroidery stitches with a playful approach for all ages to enjoy the art of needlework. Each letter of the alphabet has its own individual embroidery technique ready to practice. The alphabet is printed onto a linen sampler and accompanied with an instruction book illustrating each stitch.

Stitch-SchoolA-Z Embroidery KitEmbroidery stitches
Stitching around The Supper Cloth

Our projects

Embroidery kits and community events.

Stitch-School facilitate exciting community events around their large communal embroidery table called The Supper Cloth which brings people together through stitching and slow conversation to co-create a community art piece.

Stitch-School run embroidery workshops all over the country to start people off on the journey of embroidery.

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