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How it all began?

Hi, I am Sofia, 3 ½ years old, and I am the Child CEO (Children’s Excitement Officer) of SPB (Super Personalised Books)... I would love for you to join us :)

The story begins over 3 years ago, in fact even before I was actually born! Whilst I was still growing in my mummy’s tummy, my parents were always talking and reading to me. Sometimes I would even hear of their plans for the future!

I hope she is a healthy, self-confident and curious about the world around her they would say! I hope our little angel enjoys our love of reading and story-telling. Don’t you worry baby girl, we will read to you every day and fire up your imagination so that you can go on magical adventures. I would hear them say.

Just as they promised, as soon as I was born, mummy and daddy used to read to me every day, but I just could not imagine myself in these stories and I certainly did not go on any magical adventures.

Mummy and Daddy knew the benefits of reading a book, but if I did not get excited about reading a book, then I would never reap the benefits!

That is when mummy and daddy had the best idea ever! A book, which was all about me! I was the HERO!

Sofia, 4yr old, Child CEO Some of our CEO'sDavid Walliams Award
Super Personalised Books For Children
Super Personalised Books

SPB Launches!

Encouraging the love of reading!

I could not contain my excitement, every time I was shown a new book! The range grew from 1 book to 20 books, with me going on all sorts of adventures from spy adventures to historical events! It was mind blowing!!

This was the best job offer ever, (although it is my first and only job)

I knew, that if I loved the books, so would my friends

Mummy and Daddy loved sharing the books with other children, it put a big smile on their faces knowing that they were bringing joy, a sense of adventure, excitement and nurturing the imagination of my friends!

4 years later, I have a team of CEO’s, and we all love reading our super personalised books!

Us CEO’s are all unique, a diverse bunch, with different colour eyes or hair and skin tones, so mummy and daddy, created over 200 different variations to make sure everyone can look like themselves, the hero in the book!

Our Books have been a big success, it meant sharing the stage with Leading children's author, David Walliams!

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  • "Ordered the book for my nephew, and he really loved it.. it's his favurite!"
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    Rachel, Milton Keynes

  • "My son loves the book, and the character looks just like him!"
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    Jake, Leicester

  • "The birthday book is awesome, wonderfully illustrated and great quality"
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    Joan, Newcastle

  • "Took just over 8 days to arrive, worth the wait, timeless keepsake :)"
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    Amber, Amersham


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