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We Are SLOW Fashion Maternity Clothing.

We're a kitchen table brand born of two mums who were really fed up with maternity clothes.

We think it's really simple - the clothes we choose are a reflection of who we are and we feel a woman needn’t give up her personal identity simply because she has become a breastfeeding mother - nor should she buy a new maternity wardrobe for short-term use. Buying ‘wardrobe replacement’ items for breastfeeding or pregnancy isn’t sustainable and with the Bshirt you don’t need to replace your wardrobe - you can just adapt it.

We hope that one day all companies who sell products to mothers and babies will think of how they can improve the lives of their customers, rather than exploiting them with ‘must have’ consumerism. We cannot continue to consume and create waste at the current rate if we are to preserve this planet for our children’s future. Working together, we will improve breastfeeding rates in the UK and ultimately make mums and babies healthier and happier

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  • "I do wear mine every day! They’re my base layer, and have given me my wardrobe back again! "
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    Becky H

  • "Just received my T-shirt and the quality is amazing! Fits beautifully and going to make feeding in public soooo much easier ?? "
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    Georgie V

  • "I LOVE that your design only has the one flap instead of two. Makes it so much quicker to get feeding a hungry baby "
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  • "Bought two of the tops for my daughter and she loves them and has recommended them to all her Mummy's group! I will be buying more for her. "
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    Carol S


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