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Beautifully engraved glass

Jessica Bartlett set up The Corbeau Press as a way to channel her creativity.

The name Corbeau comes from her married name Corbet and its French origins for the word crow: corbeau. One of the first drawings was of a crow and so the name seemed to fit her poetic, illustrative style. Jessica still loves to draw birds and feathers and they feature a lot in her designs.

After studying Fine Art at Bath Spa university, Jessica developed a passion for contemporary drawing processes and she discovered a love for glass engraving. She is inspired by the ephemeral beauty of nature which she captures in her glass designs.

Each piece is hand engraved in her Bristol studio, making each work unique.

Portrait of JessIca BartlettArtist Holding Bespoke engraved glass artworkStudio Image of Jessica Bartlett engraving.

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