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Solve puzzles, investigate clues and use your detective skills to crack the case.

We deliver packages to your door, filled to the brim with incredible puzzles and an exciting plot. You can play by yourself, with your partner or with a team of your friends or colleagues. Each package is part of an exciting adventure, that takes place in a deep, immersive, narrative-driven world. You need to explore this world in order to solve the case - all from the comfort of your own home. You’ll need to solve fiendish puzzles, decipher cryptic codes and use your powers of deduction to figure out how to crack the case. If you enjoy puzzle solving or escape rooms, then this is the game for you. In addition to the physical items in the package, a complex digital world will sprawl out in front of you, requiring you to investigate the characters and interact with them via SMS, email and a variety of websites.

Lots of evidence to explore!Player holding his Detective Society boxThe Detective Society

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  • "Just as exciting as an escape room but all from your own lounge "
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  • "Makers have gone to great lengths to create an immersive, winding story that interacts on so many different platforms"
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  • "Playing The Detective's Society's game is like watching a great TV series"
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    Escape The Roomers

  • "Our family has really enjoyed your product over the pandemic. Excellent design and online integration!"
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Press Comments

"An engaging narrative, fun puzzles, and a bombshell of an ending... one of the top options available"
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Oct 2020

"If you like puzzles, murder mysteries, escape rooms or deciphering cryptic clues, this is perfect!"
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Dec 2020

"This is one of the best games that I’ve tried, it has been amazing, challenging, fun and entertaining"
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Feb 2021

"well worth the price [...] I think there are great things ahead for The Detective Society"
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Jun 2021


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