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The Modesty Company's Personalised Monogrammed Towel Bath Robe Wrap will provide you with comfort, security and elegance whatever your age, shape or size.

The Modesty Company was founded by Danielle Armstrong in 2014 with the introduction of The Classic Towel Wrap. Frustrated with stepping out of the shower and her towel constantly falling to her ankles as opposed to remaining neatly wrapped around her body, she realised that this was not just her problem but a problem for so many women. Simple tasks like drying ones hair, applying make-up, changing at the gym, beach or swimming pool, tending to the children, or simply relaxing after a long day are far more difficult than they need to be.

The clever Velcro strap closure is designed to discreetly and securely hold the towel wrap to your body, allowing you to continue getting ready without the annoyance of your towel always falling down.

The Modesty Company has created high quality, affordable, luxury products for women, providing the perfect daily solution and also the perfect personal gift for all occasions from bridal to baby showers with our embroidery monogram service.

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Monogrammed Bath Robe

Personalised Bath Robe Wrap

UK's first luxury towel wrap company. 100% cotton towel bath robe wrap for women.

Using the highest quality 100% cotton towelling fabric. Providing the very best super luxury soft velour exterior, matched with a double loop terry towel on the inside, creating the perfect combination of softness and absorbency.

The Classic Wrap comes with our signature wrap bag. This is an ideal little waterproof travel bag which allows you to take your wrap everywhere or keep your valuables safe when using the wrap.

Our towel wraps are the perfect gift with our personalised monogram service. Ideal for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers. Once you have one of our towel wraps you will not know how you ever lived without it.

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  • "This product is beyond gorgeous and perfect for getting ready to go out. "
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    Nicky Lawson

  • "I just wanted to say a big thank you for designing such a fab product. I'm was a wedding gift and I LOVE the monogram. "
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    Elly Horsey

  • "I have been looking for something like this per such a long time. Perfect for the gym. "
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    Sarah-Jane Hayworth

  • "I sail and this is PERFECT and has saved me from many embarrassing moment when my towel world normally fall down. "
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    Tracey Lester

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"Best new bath robe on the market that keeper you wrapped! "
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Jul 2017

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