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Makers of the Finest Quality Wine Vinegars

We believe that great quality food is an important part of every day for everyone. Through our interest and knowledge of fermentation, we developed a range of wine vinegars to help meet this ideal. Humble ingredients transformed into great tasting vinegars. Our range contains unique and exciting flavours which will elevate the dishes they are used in.

We make small batches from scratch, taking roots, fruits, berries and blossoms through multiple stages of fermentation and ageing to create complex tasting wine vinegars with great depth of flavour.

All our vinegars are raw containing 'the mother' and full of natural goodness.

We aim to make our products as eco friendly as possible, buying from local farmers, growing our own and foraging all keep the food miles to a minimum. Our packaging is all recyclable, including the biodegradable labels.

Slow Vinegar Company Founders, Andrew and Sarah 2 white and 2 red wine vinegars from our rangeSpring Selection Wine Vinegar Gift Box

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  • "These are completely delicious. Flavour fully forward. I tried the blackcurrant, rhubarb and ginger vinegars. Great balance of sweetness to acidity. I can’t wait to use them. And very excited too the way they are being made – proper, slow, double ferment of the fruit. Highly recommend. "
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    Angela Clutton Author

  • "I’m getting positively addicted to salads dressed with our cold pressed rapeseed oil and the slow vinegar finely crafted vinegars. This time it was the turn of their Elderberry Wine Vinegar – rich, packed with fruity flavour and just enough sweetness to balance the acidity. It went perfectly with a salad of roasted butternut squash, spinach, feta and lightly toasted pine nuts. Absolutely beautiful. "
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    The Magnificent Seed

  • "I was lucky enough to try some of these seasonally inspired vinegars. They are so good. Really bright, distinct flavours and super versatile too (dressings, marinades, shrubs etc) "
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    Laura Rowe, food critic

  • "Our third order of vinegar arrived today. We absolutely love your Elderflower and feel we could order gallons. It really enhances so many diverse dressing and sauces."
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    DD Morley, Leeds


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