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The original at home ring carving kit

Dream duo and BFF jewellers, Katie and Kirstie, allow you to carve a bespoke ring with your own design in the comfort of your home, taking as much time as you wish from anywhere in the world.

The Workbench sprung to life quite unexpectedly (like all the best things).

To cut a long story short, Kirstie planned a craft night with some friends. Katie rocked up with a bottle of wine and no threads, fabric or craft material. Oops, Classic Katie. With both girls being jewellers, Katie had to carve a ring for a customer design, so decided to carve while the other girls stitched - both girls stared at each-other and realised 'hey we could make a ring!'.

The following day, Katie and Kirstie called their local pub and held the first ever Workbench ring making night. That was 3 years ago and since then have launched The Workbench Box, collaborated with some amazing brands and travelled far and wide making rings with lots of sparkly ring makers.

The Workbench LondonThe Workbench LondonKatie & Kirstie

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