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Green and purple Toothbuckle covers with matching bamboo toothbrush sets

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Eco Oral Care That Fights Bacterial Growth In-Between Brushing. PRO YOU + PRO HEALTH + PRO PLANET

Toothbuckle is a sustainable health & beauty brand with a low impact on the environment. Roz and Ali are the co-foundering duos behind the brand.

A mother and daughter team that want to help build a sustainable health-conscious future!

Our mission is to make affordable products for ordinary families looking to create change at becoming responsible consumers.

We aim to bring solutions of the highest quality, the most effective dental hygiene products PRO HEALTH for the people who care about their oral health and the planet.

Each toothbrush cover is made with natural silver, which actively fights germ growth in-between brushing. In addition, we produce ethically sourced biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. All products are plastic-free, vegan certified, FDA approved silicone and fully recyclable.

We are a social enterprise, and we are passionate about helping the most vulnerable people in our society. Therefore, a contribution goes to creating projects which inspire/educate.

Roz and Ali Founders at Toothbuckle Green Toothbuckle cover and matching bamboo toothbrush in glass bathroom holder on sink Three bamboo toothbrushes colours pink, blue and green

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  • "Love them, gifting to a friend, an accessory for her designer toiletry bag! Have been looking for a replacement to the traditional toothbrush covers, these were colourful and smart. Excellent quality & packaging!"
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  • "Innovative design, easy to clean, does everything it says it does. "
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  • "very good quality toothbrush, harder than most others I've tried and doesn't go soft straight away. Would recommend! "
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  • "So great! Would recommend 100%"
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