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Welcome to TotsUp, founded in 2015 by Sally, mum of two based in Somerset.

I originally created the TotsUp bus to help potty train my son, over the past two years the friendly passengers have been my best friends through tantrums and teeth cleaning to tidying away toys.

The TotsUp bus will take you and you little one on a journey towards better behaviour as your child names the passengers and destination of the bus to create a story every time you use it. Whether it's bedtime battles, fussy eating or another parenting challenge, your child will be engaged and motivated to succeed.

The success of the bus lies in its simple format; unlike some reward charts it doesn’t use complicated columns or specified goals. Extensive research and testing were integral to it’s development, as was input from Early Years Educators, an Educational Psychologist, lots of parents and lovely little ones.

I'm delighted to have been able to manufacture in the UK and be part of the Made in Britain campaign.

I have loved developing the bus and I’ll soon be adding other products. I hope you and your little ones enjoy the TotsUp bus as much as we do!

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